Cleveland Clinic’s Go!Well Certified

Eating well is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.  Cleveland Clinic dieticians and wellness experts developed the Go!Well label to help you easily identify and make the healthiest food selections. FEATHERSS dark chocolate has the prestigious Go!Well label and meets its nutritional criteria. 


Each individually wrapped piece of FEATHERSS dark chocolate is designed to nestle on your tongue to create a luscious, satisfying, “Savor the Flavor” EXPERIENCE. Mix and match our flavor collection to enjoy FEATHERSS dark chocolate throughout the day.  FEATHERSS dark chocolate is the perfect snack, bite-sized dessert, and go-to sweet to fit your unique lifestyle.


Each contains 6 individually wrapped pieces, the perfect serving size to satisfy your morning, afternoon and evening cravings.  This grab and go size is ideal for your bag, briefcase, purse, and tote; and makes the perfect party favor.

Total chocolate weight .85 oz (24g). 


Each contains 52 individually wrapped pieces and makes the perfect chocolate gift box and all-in-one Featherss candy dish. We designed our signature box to convert to a chic candy dish by simply placing the lid under the box, making the perfect accent to your cocktail, end, and coffee table, desk, island, or surface of your choice.

Total chocolate weight 7.3 oz (207g).  


Each contains 60 individually wrapped pieces and offers limitless possibilities. Keep FEATHERSS dark chocolate at your fingertips to help you maintain your healthier, more fit lifestyle or simply to satisfy your cravings for something sweet and delicious.

Total chocolate weight 8.45 oz (240g). 


FEATHERSS dark chocolate is light in calories and rich in flavor.  This is a rare combination for a 72% cacao dark chocolate with only 22 calories per piece. Studies have shown that cacao contains Flavanols which are natural antioxidants.  Benefits of dark chocolate with high Flavanol content include stress relief, heart health and blood flow, and improvement of cognitive functions, just to name a few.  Please see our Inspirations & Blogs for more information on dark chocolate benefits and innovative ideas for sharing and enjoying luscious FEATHERSS dark chocolate. 


Add an elegant sweetness to every event with the rich, delicious flavor and chic package design of FEATHERSS dark chocolate.  Choose a FEATHERSS dark chocolate to compliment your dessert offerings; pair with wines, liqueurs, coffees and teas; and it makes the perfect party favor and gift.  From cocktail parties, weddings, and galas to casual dinners, showers, and holiday gatherings- whatever the occasion, FEATHERSS dark chocolate makes a tasteful impression every time. For more ideas on how to include FEATHERSS dark chocolate in your next event, please contact our FEATHERSS dark chocolate Concierge at 813-605-3027.