dark chocolate

I am a fitness professional with a passion for helping people live a healthier, more-fit lifestyle. Finding a delicious sweet is often the biggest challenge. Dark chocolate with 70% plus cacao content is a great choice because of its numerous health benefits. However, people often find that 70% plus cacao tastes too bitter and/or packaging options are not conducive to a lower calorie, satisfying serving. I could not find a product that met my criteria so I began my mission to create my own focusing on four key qualities:

•     Greater than 70% cacao
•     Less than 25 calories per piece
•     The finest ingredients
•     A rich delicious taste

And a name that tied to the qualities of my brand: Fitness, Wellness, Deliciousness which all have 2 ss.

After much research, hard work, dedication, and lots of taste tests, VOILA! FEATHERSS dark chocolate!

FEATHERSS is the most delicious, guilt free, good for you dark chocolate; and one of the only chocolates with the prestigious Cleveland Clinic “Go!Well®” label meeting their nutritional criteria geared toward optimal health and wellness.

Share with friends and family. You will be amazed by the number of people who dislike dark chocolate but love my Featherss dark chocolate. We love to hear from our Featherss fans. Email us at and ENJOY!!!

All my best,