dark chocolate

My mission was to create an individually wrapped sweet to support a fit and healthy lifestyle and to satisfy the universal desire for something rich and delicious — qualities thought to be forbidden in most weight loss and healthy eating plans. Dark chocolate is a healthier sweet, but it is often too bitter, too high in calories or doesn’t have enough cacao content.

As I worked with a local candy manufacturer to create my confection, I insisted on three key elements:  the finest ingredients, fewer than 25 calories per piece and a rich, delicious taste. Additionally, we designed a shape that would make the chocolate melt in your mouth to create a “SAVOR the flavor” experience.

I achieved my mission so well that two pieces of FEATHERSS dark chocolate meet the Cleveland Clinic’s Go!Well® Guidelines.

I hope you enjoy FEATHERSS dark chocolate as much as I enjoyed creating them for you!

All my best,