Can Eating Dark Chocolate be Beneficial to Your Health?

Can Eating Dark Chocolate be Beneficial to Your Health?

Is it actually possible that a rich, delicious treat such as dark chocolate can have a positive impact on your health?  According to the most recent medical research – yes!  Studies support that dark chocolate benefits and improves your overall health.  Treating yourself to a moderate amount of dark chocolate each day that contains at least 70 percent cocoa solids, such as FEATHERSS dark chocolate, has been shown to-contribute to and benefit your cardiovascular health, mental health and gastrointestinal health in addition to reducing your risk of developing several types of cancers.

The main link between dark chocolate and improvements in your health is the content of antioxidants.  These antioxidants, called flavonols and polyphenols, work to help rejuvenate and cleanse your body.  New studies show that consuming antioxidant-rich foods greatly reduces the damage done to your body by the natural aging process and by consuming unhealthy processed foods.  This is just one reason why FEATHERSS dark chocolate is a great snack, dessert, or go-to sweet, as it adds a little bit of enjoyment to your day while also potentially providing you the antioxidant support you need to support a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, chocolates with high cocoa content contain many of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need to consume regularly to maintain good health.  Some of the most prominent nutrient benefits of dark chocolate are:

  • Protein – helps maintain healthy metabolism and muscle mass
  • Fiber – helps maintain intestinal health and controls weight and blood sugar levels
  • Vitamin K – essential to heart and bone health
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – plays a major role in energy production
  • Folate (Vitamin B9) – plays a vital role in cell repair and maintenance
  • Calcium – maintains strong bones and regulates your heart and blood pressure
  • Iron – aids in the production of new red blood cells
  • Magnesium – helps with digestion, promotes heart and bone health
  • Phosphorus – helps maintain healthy bones, digestion and cognitive function
  • Potassium – helps regulate hydration, blood pressure and heartbeat
  • Zinc – supports and healthy immune system and proper hormonal balance
  • Copper – essential in regulating iron levels, immune support and energy production

Enjoying a few pieces of FEATHERSS dark chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up and de-stressor throughout your busy day.  Cocoa, also referred to as cacao, contains caffeine; however its high nutrient content allows you to experience the energy boost of caffeine without the negative side effects of feeling jittery and then experiencing a crash.  Carving out a few minutes to take a deep breath and enjoy a Featherss dark chocolate also reduces stress.  It’s the dual benefit effect of Featherss dark chocolate.

When it comes down to the final verdict whether dark chocolate does more good than harm,  new research that has been conducted suggests some positive impacts on one or more bodily systems when dark chocolate is consumed in moderation on a regular basis.  The most commonly researched and proven dark chocolate benefits include:

  • Cardiovascular benefits - cocoa has been shown to have multifaceted impacts on the factors that drive the development of heart disease, lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Cognitive benefits - cocoa increases blood flow throughout the entire body. These benefits include a positive impact on the brain, improving memory and cognitive function.  It has also been shown to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety.
  • Blood sugar - the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate have a very noticeable impact on our bodies’ ability to use insulin more efficiently.
  • Cancer risk - antioxidants and nutrients that are stored in cocoa have been shown to lower the risk of cancer, most notably pancreatic and skin cancer.
  • Gut health - new research is just beginning to show the impact that a good supply of probiotic gut bacteria has on our overall health. Cocoa acts as a prebiotic that helps facilitate this.
  • Appearance - these antioxidants have been shown to reverse the effects of aging on the skin, and prevent dental issues that deteriorate the teeth over time.

It is important to note that in all instances of adding cocoa to your diet for health, moderation is key.  Consuming a few bite size pieces of dark chocolate is all you need to get the nutritional benefits, which equates to 6 to 8 FEATHERSS dark chocolates throughout your day.   As with most anything, going overboard on dark chocolate will not benefit your health.  So, next time you are enjoying FEATHERSS dark chocolate, remember our Go!Well certification which states that a two piece serving size meets the requirements for a healthy food choice throughout the day.   Another key component is the cocoa content of the chocolate you choose.  To ensure that there are plenty of antioxidants, choose a dark chocolate that has at least 70 percent cocoa and has not been subject to excessive processing, such as FEATHERSS dark chocolate.  Indulge your sweet tooth and simply remember: eat in moderation, choose high quality, and ENJOY!

Be sure to stay tuned to our blog, as we will continue to follow and blog on the newest research related to the health benefits of consuming a moderate amount of dark chocolate daily.